Frequently Asked Questions

Malama Property Services - Luxury Property Services - FAQs

What should we do with our leftovers?

When you are planning to depart, empty all the under counter refrigerators and combine the contents into one fridge, if possible. Or empty the refrigerators entirely if there are only a few items remaining. It's is cheaper to replace a few remaining grocery items then to pay to leave the refrigerators turned on for just a few items. 

For non-refrigerated items, it's best to store these in sealed containers. If they will expire prior to your return, please dispose of any perishables in the trash.

Feel free to contact me for assistance if needed prior to departure.

What do I do with the AC when I depart?

When you are ready to depart, set all air conditioning systems to "OFF". As an alternate, you can set the temperature to an acceptable "away" temp with no unnecessary run time. If you are unsure, feel free to contact me for assistance.

Do I need to turn off the pool or spa when I depart?

 When you are departing, set your pool and spa run times to "away mode". This is the best setting for when the home is vacant and provides just enough power to  clean the pool and spa without unnecessary run time. As an alternative, you could have variable speed pumps installed that can be adjusted to maximize efficiency based on occupancy. There would be an initial cost, but the savings would recoup the cost in approximately 8-12 months based on occupancy. 

Feel free to contact us if you need assistance prior to departure.

Will my home be ready for my arrival?

Prior to your arrival, I can have your home prepared per your specific instructions. Please provide at least 48 hours preparation time. 

Feel free to contact me prior to your arrival for more assistance.

Do you provide rental property services?

At this time we do not offer rental property services.